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Workshops are Done. How do Actors Market themselves NOW?

by TheHeadshotAssistants
August 22, 2016 7:40PM

The rules are simple, you need three things to be considered for jobs as an Actor. You'll need a Headshot, an Agent, and a Reel. While there are many other obsicatles but without tese key tools you are in fact in a game without the proper gear. 

It's important when we look at ourselves as Actors you see the all of the casting possibilities. What roles are you walk in the door made for? Which are characters you can easily protray? You might think to yourself "I'm an Actor, I can be anything!" While this may be true, in the world of under 5 lines is a quick turnaround time. Not much rehearsal, not much charactor development. Unless you are in the world of fantasy and film, but more on those later. 

How does one break down their own charactors guide?

While it may not be the easiest thing to stare at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what do others see when thay look at you. I have some tips that might make the process easier to handle. For instance, call yourself names never look at "you" look at that ______ over there. Are you going out? What are 3 different ways to wear the same clothes you have on now? Who is each of the 3 characters?

What are Actors Headshot Looks and Why do they Matter?

You remember playing dress up right? And you know what the new iphone looks like? If you are an Actor now, you have cerntainly worn a costume or two. Why not start up again? I don't mean put on your Spiderman Pajamas by maybe you can don a suit or a pencil skirt and red lips.  Measure people reactions, I bet you will see the difference. My favorite example of this was a young Actor; who had booked a string a of co-stars as a quintessential Surfer (truth is he never could stay on a board, and never surfed a day in his life). I offered this exercise, and the next time I saw him he had black hair and a new wardrobe. 

With a new look to introduce himself, he began a mailing campaign as the new kid on the block while at the same time sending in some new self tapes with his new vibe to the Casting Departments he had already booked with.

It's important to note, his goal was creating a body of character work. If he had 10 great spots as a surfer would be get hired as a Guest Star for a punk? What about if he have 5 Surfer Co-stars, 3 Punks, 1 Cowboy?  If Casting needed to hire talent develop a character? How about when Agents are filling their roster? Will you complement the rest of their team? 

It's hard to really establish all the factors in goal setting and trying to match abilities with preceptions, but one thing is clear. Armed with information you can make choices that will kraft your career. Educated risks, calulated moves, and invested time can develop an Actor's career. Going to every workshop is not a part of a well reounded Actors Business Plan. 

If you are ready to create your Actor Business Plan, you might be interested in this group. It's not about Acting! It's about the Business of an Actor:
Check Out Actor Business: The Business Side of Acting Los Angeles





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